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The area surrounding Rutundu is fabulous for walkers. There is a strenuous yet beautiful walk (of approx. 2 hours) up to Lake Alice, through giant groundsel and heather. For those wanting a shorter and less exerting experience, but no less magical, there is also a route around Lake Rutundu.  A climb to the top of Rutundu hill can also be a fun challenge.  The Rutundu team will be happy to guide you.

Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice are well stocked with rainbow trout.  The average catch is 2-3lbs, with larger fish reaching up to 6lbs.  A rowing boat is provided on Lake Rutundu and there are three casting platforms.  Next to Lake Rutundu is the Kizito/Kathita river gorge, a crystal clear river with small trout to catch.  Previous fishing experience is not essential and the Rutundu team are all experienced fishing guides.  Please read the ‘fishing rules’ displayed in the sitting room. Guests who are Kenyan residents need to bring their own fishing equipment. 

Bird watching
Rutundu’s unique location allows for ample opportunities for birdwatchers and most mornings scarlet–tufted malachite sunbirds (
Nectarinia johnstoni) and alpine chats (Cercomela sordida) are seen from the breakfast table.

Horse riding

You can arrange for amazing rides to Rutundu, through the forest and across the moorlands, which may take at least four hours.  Kindly book directly through: 

Riding High Kenya (with appaloosa mountain horses, also offering 3 or 4 night expeditions to Rutundu and Lake Alice).  Please note, Rutundu holds no liability for horse riding activities.

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